Constituency Map Showing Likelihood of NGA Investment


Roll your mouse over the map to see your constituency named above, then click to see the percentage of premises in the constituency predicted to have access to a next-gen broadband service.

The Department of Communities and Local Government published an Assessment and Practical Guidance on Next Generation Access Risk in the UK on March 4th, 2010. This study identifies areas which are likely to be left behind by the current wave of market-led NGA deployments.

We have used the data in this report to highlight those constituencies which will fail to receive next generation broadband without some form of intervention. This is based on the announced investment plans of private sector organisations such as BT and Virgin. Those constituencies that will lose out completely are shown in red, those which will be partially served are shown in amber and those which already or will soon receive next generation broadband are shown in green.

A growing patchwork quilt of NGA initiatives is springing up around the country. They involve a range of private sector, public sector and community interests. Some are focussed on the needs of businesses for high quality, future proofed services. Others are tackling the rural next generation issue head-on with innovative projects in deeply rural areas. INCA is developing a series of case studies which will be published on this site explaining how these projects have come about and what they aim to achieve.

Where the private sector alone cannot deliver public, private and community partnerships must be built to address the issues on the basis of regional and local need. They encourage innovation, access a diversity of funding and get local people involved, taking responsibility for finding the right solutions for their areas. INCA’s job is to unite these initiatives under one umbrella, agreeing common technical and business process standards, encouraging service and content providers to get on board and supporting the growth of the sector.

If we don’t act, the UK risks falling behind our competitors and large parts of the country will be without next generation services for many years to come. Now is the time for clear vision and strong leadership from our politicians.

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