INCA Response to the Autumn Statement

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Alternative network providers will welcome the Chancellor’s commitment to supporting the creation of new digital infrastructure.

INCA’s members are building the new pure fibre and wireless networks that guarantee consumers and businesses will benefit from the best, future-proofed networks for many years to come. The support anticipated in the Autumn Statement will help the Altnets meet their challenging targets for 2020 and beyond.

Malcolm Corbett, CEO of the Independent Networks Co-operative Association, representing the Altnets, said, “We welcome the Chancellor's support. The Altnets are the entrepreneurial companies and communities building new, future-proofed, pure fibre and wireless networks. They are doing a fantastic job and the Chancellor's support signals that Government is serious about creating a more competitive environment for new digital infrastructure. Digital Minister Matt Hancock said that pure fibre and wireless networks are the future. We agree and we are building those networks today."