Announcement: Getting us back on track

It’s become fairly obvious that recent posts have started to diverge from the ’s plan – not the policy but the actions taken to implement the policy. Its something I’m disappointed about, but its also something that has clearly become more widespread.

For a long time now I’ve been trying to get my head around how to combine the necessary stakeholders so the most creative solutions can start to benefit people, the economy and the telecoms industry.

So today I’m announcing that I’ve joined forces with some of the most experienced hands in the industry to form BroadwayPartners

Together with David Brunnen, Michael Armitage and Alexander Sleigh, BroadwayPartners will provide the capability to link communities with industry partners to deliver sustainable and ambitious broadband solutions.

BroadwayPartners delivers a form of franchise structure where local communities can participate in a two-stage process leading to a sustainable and fundable broadband vehicle that matches ambition with capability. We will will match each scheme with the most appropriate industry partners from a framework of experienced companies who will help build and operate the network in concert with the local .

Recognising that in order to build a superfast next generation network requires significant investment, BroadwayPartners are in the process of creating two new funding structures:

  • A national investment fund
  • A templated community investment fund

When launched, the national fund will be open to anyone interested in investing in next generation broadband in the UK, with funds invested in a variety of local franchised schemes. While the community investment fund is designed for people and businesses that wish to  invest specifically in their own local scheme.

During the two-phase process, a careful balance of local and national funds will be matched with vendor and network operator investments to deliver the optimal solution for each area.

For communities, BroadwayPartners will provide a mechanism to structure and prove the business case for delivering the best broadband infrastructure possible, matching ambition with a sustainable business plan and the right mix of industry partners to make it happen.

For companies involved in delivering next generation broadband, BroadwayPartners will provide a structured approach to engaging communities and bridging the investment gap.

We hope to make ambitious broadband plans viable in just about any community, anywhere.