Superfast Broadband Notspot Registration Scheme

Many people in rural and urban areas are unable to get Superfast broadband from BT or Virgin Media. Sometimes this is because their homes/businesses are too far from a superfast-enable BT cabinet, or because their area is not regarded as commercially viable.

INCA is a not-for-profit association of organisations actively developing projects in exactly these sorts of areas. Members range from communities and local authorities running the schemes, to suppliers delivering innovative solutions to the challenges. Often the schemes will provide fibre optic connections directly to premises (FTTP) offering very high speed, affordable broadband services. Other companies offer wireless broadband services and in some cases satellite for remote areas. Some very exciting schemes are being developed both in big cities and in deeply rural areas. Usually the commercial models for these schemes are based on a certain percentage of the local population signing up for a service before the network is built.

We would love to hear your experience. Please complete our Superfast Broadband Notspot registration form below in order to help build the case for better, faster broadband everywhere.

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