Big Society Broadband Project

In 2011 INCA ran The Big Society Broadband Project in collaboration with the Plunkett Foundation and ACRE. The project was supported with funding from the Nominet Trust.

The project set out from the premise that neither big government, nor big company alone can achieve genuine 100% next generation broadband coverage. Public, private and community sectors need be involved, working successfully together. The project had three key objectives:

  • To develop scaleable and replicable models for local broadband schemes
  • To foster sustainable partnerships helping those projects develop
  • To promote digital inclusion, thus engaging a wider range of people in local broadband plans

During the course of 2011 several important outputs were achieved including:

  • Publication of the widely acclaimed Beyond Broadband Guide and online Knowledge base
  • A series of events bringing together organisations from the public, private and community sectors working to promote next generation broadband
  • Involvement in the public policy process at national and local level
  • Widespread publicity and engagement through news, trade and social media

The project has led to new activities including publication of the second edition of the Beyond Broadband Guide and knowledge base, plans to develop a Quality Marque and Open Access Platform for local schemes, and a new INCA Marketplace linking broadband suppliers and consultants with projects that need their help.

Big Society Broadband was widely praised by those who got involved and benefitted, as demonstrated by the project evaluation which can be downloaded here.