The Economic Benefits of FTTH

At INCA's AGM in July 2013, Acreo Swedish ICT presented their studies on the socio-economic benefits of FTTH and super-fast broadband. Their study of the Stokab network in Stockholm is a fascinating piece of research that demonstrates the genuine economic benefits accruing to the local economy from a project that started around 20 years ago.
INCA has formed an agreement with ACREO which means we can now offer you a dedicated study of your municipality/region based on the Acreo model, and done in direct collaboration with Acreo's researchers. This is designed to provide you with a solid case on the value of ICT infrastructure investment to support you in policy and financing decisions.
You will find a summary of the Stockholm study performed by Acreo Swedish ICT here. While every case is unique and a dedicated analysis of local conditions is needed, the study shows that in the case of Stockholm, the socio-economic return is at least three times the investment. The full report is available from
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