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INCA Awards 2018: Entry Form

Please use the form below to submit one or more entries to our new 2018 Awards programme.

You can submit an entry to one or more of the seven categories. Each entry will be assessed by our panel of judges against the criteria for the category or categories in which it has been submitted so please ensure that your submission clearly sets out how the project meets the criteria.

If you are nominating an individual in the 'Outstanding Contribution' category, use the 'Detailed account' field to set out why, in your view, they should win the award, and don't worry particularly about the project-specfic fields on the form.


The name of the organisation (or possibly in the case of the Outstanding Contribution category, the individual) that you are nominating for an award.
You may nominate an entrant for more than one category if appropriate. Your submission should show clearly how the project addresses the issues and criteria for each category selected.
What was the timeframe of the project? Please give a rough start and end date, e.g. Sept 2017 - April 2018
Please provide a brief 100 word summary of the project.
Please provide a modest amount (please be kind to our judges!) of key supporting evidence as appropriate (e.g. customer testimonial/test results/financial information/no. of premises passed/ maps/ images). Collate your evidence into a single PDF document and upload it.
Files must be less than 20 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.
About You

The data you submit through this form will be used by INCA and our panel of judges to assess the entries. In the event that we need any additional information, we'll be in touch with you.