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INCA is doing a great deal to address the impact of COVID-19. Helping our members, liaising with government and policy makers and disseminating information. Our sector and INCA Members are considered key workers providing a critical service to the UK under the current situation. The NHS needs connectivity, key workers, indeed everyone following the advice to work from home where possible, need connectivity,  children and young people accessing education at home – all need high quality connectivity.

INCA Members are on the front-line of securing and expanding the nation's connectivity: installing new high-quality connections, building networks and ensuring customers stay connected so they can work, learn and play at home as well as ensuring that critical facilities such as NHS and other key national infrastructure functions are connected and supported.

  • We represent INCA Members on the twice-weekly DCMS COVID-19 conference calls, and many more engagements as required.
  • We're running a weekly early morning Zoom call with our members every Wednesday at 08:30 which is proving popular, enabling member organisations to catch up with the very latest information coming out of government, and to raise questions and concerns that we can feed back in on your behalf. Do please get in touch if there are any issues that impact your organisation and we will take it up.
  • We're operating a dedicated COVID-19 Helpline for members with questions or concerns.
  • We're sending frequent email updates to member contacts and our wider mailing list with updates on COVID-19 as it impacts on our sector. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive these and other INCA mailings.
  • We've moved our entire events programme online and drastically reduced the cost of participation to enable the broadest engagement.
  • We're sharing our long experience of working remotely as a distributed team to help members get further faster.

Whether helping network build to continue addressing supply issues, or simply being a friendly voice, we're here to help our members connect the country.

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