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INCA Standards Group

INCA has continued to work in the area of standards for our members and our industry. We have more members accredited as Gold Standard networks. We contributed to the GigaTAG report which included the Gold Standard. This led to Ofcom being tasked with seeing if the wider industry could agree and convened the Ofcom Working Group on Common Standards for Consumer information on Broadband Products.

We have therefore revitalised the Quality Mark Working Group into the INCA Standards group. This will consider the changes we could do to our scheme to include a Gigabit-capable mark. It will also allow members to discuss the work coming out of Ofcom and give their feedback.

The INCA Standards Group has agreed to meet in the week prior to the Ofcom WG meetings so that INCA Members can give their input to the Ofcom process. The Group will also consider other matters:

  1. Ofcom WG report and INCA feedback for next WG
  2. Amendments to INCA Gold Standard
    1. Consistency with Ofcom Code
    2. Gigabit-capable
    3. Adding FTTB
    4. General updates
    5. BDUK criteria
  3. Work with BSI
    1. Developing a BSI PAS
    2. Building to a BSI Kitemark?

You can join the mailing list here.

INCA SG   Ofcom WG
usually 14:30 - 15:30*** (changed from initial 14:00) usually 15:00 - 1700
    Wed 15 Sep 21
Tue 28 Sep 21 14:00 - 16:00 slidestack and notes Wed 7 Oct 21
Tue 19 Oct 21 slidestack and Zoom recording (use passcode &=9QGy8a)  Wed 27 Oct 21 13:00 - 15:00
Tue 16 Nov 21**   Wed 24 Nov 21 14:00 - 16:00 *
Tue 30 Nov 21   Wed 8 Dec 21
skip   Wed 5 Jan 22
Tue 18 Jan 22   Wed 26 Jan 22
Tue 8 Feb 22   Wed 16 Feb 22

* please note date and time change from Wed 17th 15:00

** please note date change from Tue 9th

*** please note timing change as of Dec 21