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INCA Covid-19 Response

As the situation with the pandemic continues to develop at pace, the INCA team is keeping every aspect of our activities under review.

We are now moving all of our planned events online, and we're gearing up to deliver our usual high quality event programme using a webinar format. This approach better meets everyone's needs currently, especially for those of us who are self-isolating. In line with this we're signicantly reducing the price of participating in our events. Many thanks to our speakers and event sponsors for their continued support during this period.

Our team has always operated on a distributed basis, with everyone working remotely, so we're well used to operating in this way and don't anticipate any major changes or disruption to our operations in the forseeable future.

We recognise that the current situation may be challenging for some of our member organisations. We will be looking for ways that we can help, so let us know if  there is anything that we can do. Our focus remains on supporting our members in pursuit of delivering world class connectivity across the UK.

Perhaps now more than ever we need robust high performance digital infrastructure to help us all to keep in touch through these challenging times.