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Changes to INCA website

INCA website screenshot

We've been busy over the summer working on the redevelopment of the INCA website. The new site is responsive, which we hope will deliver a much better experience for people using smartphones and tablets. At the same time we have taken the opportunity to refocus the site's structure and content to be more closely aligned with INCA's current priorities and our future ambition.

The main driver for the project was the need to bring the site up to date. We were running on a technical platform that was fine in 2009, but which is now looking decidedly long in the tooth. and the fact that the website wasn't responsive was increasingly holding us back. We've been able to move to a newer software platform, which has allowed us to move to a newer server, and that in turn enables us to implement further software updates and improvements, enhancing our capabilities, improving security, and giving us a sound platform for the next five to ten years. Also on the security front we've finally got round to implementing an SSL certificate, securing traffic between the browser and the server, which will be of value to all of our members and other site visitors.

It's been a lot of work, and there are still some gaps and rough edges that we will be addressing in the weeks to come, but we think the fresh new look is a major step forward. Do let us know what you think.