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INCA Switching, Wholesale and IP Migration Special Interest Group

Are you ready for Switching and Migration in the market?

It is increasingly apparent that the move to all-IP services represents both an opportunity and a threat to altnets. As the industry gears itself up for the move away from POTS delivered over copper, INCA members need to be ready. Customers will be switching to fibre and All-IP services and it’s vitally important that switching to altnet services is a realistic proposition for the customer and for the service providers.

We therefore invite any and all members who have an interest to let us know – just complete the form below to sign-up to our Switching/IP Migration group – and help us develop policy on this important subject. INCA is represented on:

OTA2 ECWG on GPL Switching Process - more info here.

BSG All-IP Working Group

Ofcom All-IP Steering and Technical Groups

And we have setup our own Switching and Wholesale Special Interest Group - SWSIG. To indicate your interest simply register below.

If you do not have a full-time Public Affairs, Policy and Regulatory function in your organisation, you will find the new INCA Policy and Regulatory Service, designed for the interests and needs of our independent sector, well worth while to protect and promote your interests at this level.