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Product set for scale retail ISPs

The August 20 price list from Openreach and the September 20 offerings from the major scale retailers have been analysed. This has identifed a small product set consumed by the scale retailers and, hence, a likely minimum product set that would be required on a Wholesale Platform that would satisfy the needs of the scale retail ISPs.

The details are in the spreadsheet below. Here's a summary table:

Scale Retail ISP Products
Openreach BT Retail Sky TalkTalk Virgin Vodafone
40/10 Fibre Essential   Faster Fibre   Superfast 1
55/10 Fibre 1     M50  
80/20 Fibre 2 Superfast Superfast Fibre   Superfast 2
110/15 Full Fibre 100     M100 Gigafast 100
160/30 Fibre 100 Ultrafast 1 Faster 150 Fibre    
220/20       M200 Gigafast 200
330/50 Fibre 250 / Full Fibre 300 Ultrafast 2      
550/75     Future Fibre M500 Gigafast 500
1000/115 Full Fibre 900   Ultra Fibre Optic Gig 1 Gigafast 900

Note: this does not imply that Openreach supply these products to all the scale retailers. Clearly they don't as some of these ISPs have their own networks and some consume independent networks. However, it does seem that the retail offers from all these ISPs are structured similarly.

A Wholesale Platform could also offer enhanced services, faster speeds, more symmetry and so on. But the current lion's share of the market is this product set.

The analysis has been through all the Openreach product price lists: FTTP, FTTC, FVA over FTTP, SOGEA, SOGFast. These are all in the spreadsheet along with links to where they are on the Openreach site for future updates.

There is a summary sheet which combines all the technologies into bands of bandwidths and prices and cross references those with the ISP retail offers and links to their sites. This includes the advertised speed, the current offer price with contract length and the standard price.

Some of the detail of the products offered by the ISPs is difficult to find but we have tracked down as much as we can.