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Standards Group

INCA continues to work in the area of standards for our members and our industry. Standards have risen up the priority list with regulators, investors and consumers. We reconvened the QMWG, which created the INCA Gold Standard Scheme, into the INCA Standards Group for Members' briefing and input into these areas.

In early 2023, the prime focus is the Ofcom consultation on "Improving broadband information for customers".

This consultation is the result of the Ofcom Working Group on Common Standards for Consumer information on Broadband Products. An intro to that Working Group is on this page. Documents and papers for/from the Ofcom meetings are here. This includes the INCA Position Statement on Ofcom's Consensus Options paper as submitted to Ofcom in Feb 22. That Working Group was initiated following the GigaTAG report to which INCA contributed (including the INCA Gold Standard).

In addition to the focus on the Ofcom consultation, the Group will also consider:

  1. INCA promotion of Standards
  2. Amendments to INCA Gold Standard
    1. Consistency with Ofcom Code
    2. Gigabit-capable
    3. Adding FTTB
    4. General updates
    5. BDUK criteria
  3. Common Standards for Wholesale
    1. Technical & SLA for Products
    2. Ts & Cs, Commercials between RCPs and ACPs
    3. Enabling Co-operation and Consolidation
  4. Common Standards for Vulnerable Consumers and Social Tariffs
  5. Work with BSI
    1. Developing a BSI PAS
    2. Building to a BSI Kitemark?

You can join the mailing list here.

Standards Group schedule, slides and docs for 2023 on this page.

Standards Group schedule, slides and docs for 2021 and 2022 on this page (including INCA position paper to Ofcom on Common Standards Feb 22).