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CWP Stakeholder Overview

CWP - the Common Wholesale Platform - is a collaboration between four UK-based telecom network operators; Airband, County Broadband, ITS Technology and Wight Fibre, who wish to create a common wholesale platform for their respective businesses, but also to serve the UK-wide industry with an independent set of services and platform capability. The full Stakeholder Briefing doc can be downloaded below.

The CWP wishes to solve two industry challenges:

  1. To Provide a One Touch Switching capability enabling end customers to switch broadband and telephony services between different telecom retail services providers. This requirement is driven by an Ofcom determination soon to be published, but currently going through consultation.
  2.  To provide a wholesale marketplace capability that allows different UK-based telecom network operators to enable their retail services provider customers to add/change/remove end-customer services. The platform will also enable the wholesale requirements of the £5bn UK Government Building Digital UK infrastructure investment programme.

A tender for the CWP platform will shortly commence and suitable software or SaaS providers will be asked to provide a proposal for its supply and support.


At present (May 2021) CWP are in the tender phase, but service will be launched later this year. The objective is to allow all UK telcos to become members by the 2022 Ofcom OTS deadline and facilitate wholesale services needed for BDUK tender compliance and other business growth opportunities.

CWP intends to engage with future members in Q4 2021. Prior to this, progress updates will be provided in INCA’s SWSIG.


INCA Members interested as future CWP Members and Vendors should contact:

Marcel Horst – CWP Project Manager

+44 7917 586 132