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Switching & Wholesale Introduction

A major change to the broadband industry affecting all network operators and service providers is underway and INCA Members need to take action to adapt and benefit. INCA has been working with Ofcom, OTA and other industry organisations on behalf of the independent sector. Now is your chance to get involved and get your views represented.

Based on the new EU Electronic Communications Code – EECC – Ofcom is mandating a new method for consumers to be able to switch their broadband connection.This is to be "Gaining Provider Led" (GPL).

DCMS has announced that the provisions of the EECC will be transposed into UK law by 21 December 2020 and a consultation on this closed in September. The statutory instrument was laid before Parliament on 2 Dec 20 and is here (thanks, Aidan).

After a significant industry consultation via the Office of the Telecommunications Adjudicator – OTA2 – Ofcom have published a statement in favour of "One Touch Switch" (OTS) using the YHub version of Option Y. This must be in operation by December 2022.

There is a short period of further consultation - now extended to 14 Apr 21 -  followed by a definitive decision by Q2 21. The Code to Switch (formerly Option X) proposal was updated and now includes an IVR so a Code can be requested without having to contact a person at the Losing Provider. INCA is preparing a response to this so please let us have your views.

The Switching and Wholesale Special Interest Group (SWSIG) is now working on the Wholesale platform which will need to be aligned with the OTS Hub for easy interoperability and timing implementation. The work to ensure that independent networks can be consumed by scale retailers is vital - if they can't use services available from INCA Members, other networks will be used.

This page is an index to our work on behalf of INCA Members. We trust it will be a useful resource in this area. There is a great deal going on with some very short timescales. Don't get left behind.


Ofcom and OTA

All-IP Migration

SWSIG Meetings and Workshops

If you do not have a full-time Public Affairs, Policy and Regulatory function in your organisation, you will find the new INCA Policy and Regulatory Service, designed for the interests and needs of our independent sector, well worth while to protect and promote your interests at this level.

If you are not already an INCA Member and are an organisation working in or supplying the Independent sector, why not consider the wide range of Member Benefits in addition to the Policy, Events, Quality Mark workstreams. More details here.