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Switching & Wholesale Survey Jun 20

The Switching and Wholesale SIG ran a survey in June 2020 to gauge the level of support for an Industry-Led GPL Switching & Wholesale platform. The results show a significant interest in and support for the concept. The survey is still open here. Up to 19 July, responses from 62 respondents and 30 Independent Network Operators had been received. These results have been cross-referenced against the Spring INCA / Point Topic survey and their coverage figures at June 2020.

Summary - General

  • ONLY 43% aware of GPL Switching and date
  • 67% do NOT have a solution for GPL in development
  • 79% WOULD like to know more about INCA GPL Switching Hub
  • 56% knew about the new Ofcom remedies which incentivise Openreach overbuild
  • 48% consider this a threat
  • 53% interested in offering WHOLESALE to mainstream CPs
  • Only 29% currently offer wholesale
  • 88% SUPPORT the creation of a common wholesale platform for mainstream CPs to consumer INO services

Summary from Network Operators

  • The responses cover 30 Independent Network Operators. Cross-ref with the June 20 updated figures from Point Topic (more info here )
  • Those supporting wholesale have forecast to expand their current network reach to 2.2 million households.
  • That’s about TWICE what the INO sector currently passes
  • That’s 75% of those responding.
  • Forecast independent operator with wholesale interest full fibre coverage by 2025 is up to 11 million premises
  • millions more from NGA FWA

The full slidedeck for the survey is below.

If you would like to know more about the work of INCAs SWSIG on Switching and Wholesale, please register here.