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Telecoms Access Review 2026 (TAR)

In March 2024 Ofcom announced the process that will culminate in the Telecoms Access Review 2026-2031. This is the successor to their Wholesale Fixed Telecoms Market Review (WFTMR) 2021-2026, and will be crucially important in shaping the regulatory landscape for INCA members and others involved the UK telecoms industry.

INCA began working on a strategy for the TAR in the summer of 2023, working closely with member organisations, Ofcom, other industry bodies, and organisations across the telecoms industry, to help shape the Review such that it can take full account of the role and importance of the Altnet sector.

TAR Steering Group

An INCA-coordinated TAR Steering Group has been established to supervise the workstream, involving representatives from those INCA member organisations that have come together to co-fund the extensive programme of activities needed to develop and submit detailed evidence-backed submissions covering the range of issues that the TAR will address.

INCA would like to acknowledge the contribution that these organisations have made, which collectively enable this important work programme to be undertaken. This is precisely why INCA was established: to bring together Altnets for mutually beneficial collaboration.

Whilst our TAR programme is well underway and has already been recognised for the quality of the work that has been carried out to date, there is a lot that remains to be done. If your organisation is aligned with the interests of INCA and our Altnet members, you are likely to see significant strategic value in this programme. If so you should consider getting involved in our TAR programme and become a co-contributor. Please get in touch to discuss your organisation's potential involvement.