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INCA Groups

A lot of the work that INCA carries out is organised through a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and other workstreams focussing on specific areas of interest to Members. 

You can indicate your interest by registering on the appropriate page. Click on the links below.

Some SIGs are restricted to contacts of INCA Member organizations and you will need to have a Member login to access them. If you don't have a login you can apply for one here.

  • Policy & Regulatory Service (PRSIG)
    • allows Tier 2 and below Members to join PRSIG and benefit from Policy & Regulatory support (a Tier 1 Member benefit) including Ofcom, DCMS/DSIT/BDUK and political engagement
  • Switching & Wholesale Special Interest Group (SWSIG)
    • covers all issues for Switching & Wholesale; leading for INCA on One Touch Switching and TOTSCo. For Altnets with retail customers (RCPs), and wholesale customers (ACPs) including vertically integrated Altnets.
  • Standards Group
    • Promotes the adoption of standards so customers can buy Full Fibre with confidence they're getting real fibre. Also working to promote use of standards across the wholesale market to facilitate interoperability. Engages with Ofcom and policy makers on this subject.
  • Physical Infrastructure Access Special Interest Group (PIASIG)
    • dedicated to improving access to Openreach's PIA products, liaising with cross-industry groups
  • Labour & Skills Special Interest Group (LSSIG)
    • developing the skilled labour force we need to build and operate new altnet infrastructure safely and efficiently
  • Net Zero & Sustainability (NZSIG)
    • advice and mutual support for Altnets seeking to achieve Net Zero status and working to make their organizations more environmentally sustainable.
  • Marketing & PR Network
    • bringing together marketing, PR and communications expertise from across the sector for mutual benefit.

You can also sign up for:

  • INCA Newsletters
  • INCA Event Calendar notifications
  • Member contacts are automatically emailed with details of the fortnightly Member Breakfast Briefings

If your organization is not a Member, you can find out more about Membership Tiers and benefits here.

If your network (Retail RCP or Wholesale ACP or vertically integrated) is a Member and would like to be recognised as an accredited Full Fibre, Hybrid Fibre, Fixed Wireless of Wholesale network, you can find out more about INCA's Gold Standard scheme here.