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Ofcom statement on EECC Implementation & Consultation 27 Oct 20

Ofcom have just published their statement on implementing the new European Electronic Communications Code. This is the new Code that includes the requirement for a Gaining Provider Led consumer switching process.

Their statement and details on the consultation are on this page.

A full decision statement and final set of revised regulatory rules will be published ahead of the 21st Dec 20 transposition date, though at least 12 months will be given to providers to comply following the pandemic. The new rules will be enforced with varying timelines. These include:

  • Gaining Provider Led (GPL) Switching - Dec 22
  • Better contract information and stronger rights to exit - Jun 22
  • Max bundle length of 24 months - Dec 21
  • Extended rules on accessible formats - Dec 21
  • Ban on selling locked mobile devices - Dec 21

IMPORTANT: A short consultation on residential switching for fixed services (GPL Switching) will follow, as the industry work with OTA2 has failed to reach consensus. (For more details on Option X vs Option Y, see our SWSIG section here.)

The consultation period on this statement closes on 30 Nov 20. You can send your views to INCA via your normal contact or our contact page.

If you are interested in participating in the work of the Switching & Wholesale Special Interest Group (the next Zoom call is scheduled for Thu 19 Nov 20 at 14:30), please register here.

If you are interested in particpating in INCA's Policy & Regulatory Special Interest Group, please find more info here.