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New look INCA Summit to examine the future of the Altnet

The future shape of the UK fibre and broadband sector will be a key area of discussion at the INCA Summit this November. The event, to be held at the Wales International Convention Centre on... read more

INCA looks forward to a productive Labour Government

INCA congratulates Sir Keir Starmer and Labour for their tremendous win and looks forward to a productive and successful relationship with the new Government, building on the solid foundations... read more

INCA Launches a Manifesto for the 2024 Election

With the 2024 General Election campaign in full swing, INCA has published a manifesto for the full fibre broadband sector. Aimed at candidates, the concise manifesto seeks to inform readers about... read more

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The INCA Mission

The members of the Independent Networks Cooperative Association (INCA) are supporting, planning, building and operating sustainable, independent and interconnected networks that advance the economic and social development of the communities they serve and permit the provision of applications and services through open competition, innovation and diversity. They are working together to create cohesive interconnected next generation networks.