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Independent networks reach the parts other providers leave behind

INCA welcomes Public Accounts Committee report, but argues for greater recognition of the work of independent providers around the country

While the House of Commons Public Accounts... read more

Two New INCA Board Members Elected

At last weeks' Annual General Meeting two new people were elected to INCA's board.

Ros Singleton (pictured left, speaking at the 2021 INCA Conference) brings a wealth of experience to the... read more

INCA Golds Awards 2021 Winners

At our sell-out Awards Dinner, held on the evening of November 3 2021 as part of our annual conference, the following six award winners were announced.

The Scaling Up Award

If 2021... read more

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The INCA Mission

The members of the Independent Networks Cooperative Association (INCA) are supporting, planning, building and operating sustainable, independent and interconnected networks that advance the economic and social development of the communities they serve and permit the provision of applications and services through open competition, innovation and diversity. They are working together to create cohesive interconnected next generation networks.