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Infrastructure Sharing Special Interest Group

Terms of Reference


  • To agree a usable commercial, technical and operational framework and encourage sharing of physical infrastructure.
  • This is including but not limited to, duct, subduct and telegraph poles, between Altnets and between Altnets or other asset owners and third parties (such as local authorities), (excluding use of Openreach PIA, but encouraging Openreach use of Altnet infrastructure)
  • The objective is to reduce costs for operators as well as reducing environmental impact and disruption for third parties, including Local Authorities and members of the public.
  • The framework would initially be voluntary for interested parties, but the ambition is to consider creating a charter in due course.


  • All INCA members can participate in the Infrastructure Sharing Special Interest Group (ISSIG) and it is not limited to one person per member. Local Authorities are encouraged to participate, and government agencies and Ofcom may attend by invitation as appropriate.
  • A mailing group has been set up to share documentation and encourage dialogue between ISSIG members.
  • Membership will be reviewed every six months in line with attendance.

Cadence of Meetings

  • Meetings monthly initially with an intention of members working on deliverables between meetings. Calls to be organised by INCA, likely using Zoom.


  • Guy Miller for 2024 – new chair to be elected each year.

Minutes & Actions

  • Chair to produce notes to be distributed within one week of each meeting.
  • Materials for discussion at meetings to be distributed at least 48 hours before meetings.


  • Discussion in the ISSIG is not confidential but external communications (e.g. press releases) should be limited to the Chair and INCA. This may be reviewed later once the form of deliverables are clear.

INCA Member contacts can join the Infrastructure Sharing Special Interest Group by submitting this form (you need to be logged in to your user account to access the sign-up form).