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INCA Gold Standard Scheme

INCA Gold Standard Networks

The Gold Standard for Networks

Not all Networks are the same.

When consumers and businesses are looking for a Quality Network, it can sometimes be difficult to cut through the marketing hype and be clear about what’s on offer. They don’t want to be stuck with a connection that isn’t future-proof, that can’t be upgraded or uses outmoded technology.

Networks you can trust

That’s where the INCA Gold Standard comes in. INCA and its members have created a set of criteria that clearly identify what type of Network they offer and what Performance they deliver. So whether the customer needs a Next Generation Wireless connection out in the country or wants to be sure of getting a Full-Fibre connection, when they see the INCA Gold Standard logo, they know they can buy in confidence.

Gold Standard for every technology

The INCA Gold Standard Scheme provides an agreed set of definitions covering technology, performance and customer service:

There’s a logo for each type, supported by an explanatory website with further explanations and factsheets to make identifying the type of connection very easy and simple.

The Scheme clarifies what is on offer and gives guidelines to users, funders, specifiers and policy makers alike about the capabilities of the network.

Gold Standard Founder Members

The INCA Gold Standard is overseen by a Working Group drawn from all sectors of the industry: Network Builders; Fibre, Hybrid and Wireless Network Operators; Equipment Manufacturers; Regulatory Experts and Service Providers.

The work of the Group and the Secretariat is supported by the Gold Standard Founder Members:




The Gold Standard Founder Members care about promoting best practice in Networks and the Working Group thanks them for their support in developing the Quality Mark Gold Standard Scheme.

More Information

The Gold Standard Scheme is now accepting applications from network operators. If you’d like to know more about the work of the Working Group and the Gold Standards, please contact: