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GPL Business Steering Group

Ofcom's GCs covering GPL say the Business Communications Providers "may" use the OTS Hub. TOTSCo has consulted industry and their Board has agreed that the OTS Hub can provide this service to Business CPs provided that this does not delay the OTS Hub being available for Residential switching asap.

The Gaining Provider Led Business Steering Group (GPLB-SG) now has a website here. If you provide Business services, we suggest you engage with them as well as with INCA's SWSIG group and INCA's OTS Lead.

They have requested assistance from OTA2 in circulating their Industry Comms Bulletin No1 – please find the bulletin below. Jack A's email to INCA says:

Industry organisations are welcome to onward share this communication to their membership.

The GPLB-SG have invited review of the draft GPL Business Switching Industry Process Design (v1.00 April2023) – this document is available as a PDF file on the GPLB website (see bulletin for more) but is attached here [and below] in Word format to assist in review and feedback.

The GPLB-SG request that anyone wishing to provide constructive comments against the document utilises the ‘review’ facility in Word, so as to better assist in the collation and response to those comments.

Jack Abbotts of OTA2 has agreed to act as a single point of contact for feedback against this version of the process - please email him before close of play 24 April 2023 with your comments, and he will pass them on the Business switching process design team for their assessment and response.