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New Cross-platform Switching Process will affect all Network Operators

A major change to the broadband industry affecting all network operators is coming and coming fast. Based on the new EU Electronic Communications Code (EECC), Ofcom is mandating a new method for consumers to be able to switch their broadband connection, which needs to be in place by 21st December 2020.

The new method will be a "Gaining Provider-led" switching process where the customer is moving between retailers whether they use the same or different access infrastructures (e.g. Openreach to another wholesale platform & vice versa). It even applies to non-fibre or copper infrastructure such as FWA.

The process is driven by the desire of the customer to place their switch request directly with the gaining Retailer who will thereafter manage the switch on behalf of the customer. The customer will not be required to notify (or contact) their pre‑existing Retailer.

It will need to be adopted by every INCA Member who runs a network and/or retails internet access services to consumers and SMEs. If you are not already involved in the process and planning the changes needed, you should start now. 14 months is not a long time to design, test and implement new business processes. There are active consultations going on right now to design the new process – Gaining Provider-led and Cross-platform - and there is still time for you to have input if you take action now.

For more details and how to get involved, read our briefing and register here for the INCA Switching & Wholesale SIG.