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Switching Information (SI) Survey

As part of the OTS process, Losing Retail Providers must send Switching Information (SI) to their customers “via the quickest communications method” unless the customer requests an alternative. TOTSCo (The One Touch Switching Company) needs to understand how you plan to produce and send the necessary SI to those customers who are switching. If you'd like to review the official OTS Process Design and the Ofcom GCs which cover this and relevant definitions, please see side panel.

Please complete this survey as soon as possible. The first results have been collated and sent to TOTSCo 14 Oct. But if your organisation didn't complete, please do so. All responses are monitored and will be discussed with TOTSCo. Plus you can make comments and ask questions on this aspect.

The OTS Process design requires you to send the SI via the quickest communications method unless the consumer requests an alternative. You may use multiple methods if you wish. Please check box for every method you plan to use.
What particular problems (if any) have you identified in complying with the need to produce and send Switching Information?
Have you any other comment on your plans to comply with OTS by the deadline of 3 April 2023?

About You

It's helpful to know who is submitting the form so that we can get in touch in case we need to clarify any of your responses.