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SWSIG Zoom Call 11 Jun 20

The SWSIG Zoom Call to discuss progress on the Wholesale Platform Feasibility Study and the responses made by the OTA2 Option X & Y groups to Ofcom's 8 Jun 20 asks was at 2pm on Thurs 11 Jun 20. Here is the slide stack, a record of what was discussed and links to the recording.



Ofcom call - feedback

  • Everything is based on consumer choice, local SMP must not diminish choice, policy leading to Wholesale Access where there is Sole Supply Position.

Ofcom WFTMR Wholesale Aggregation

  • S 4.1 of INCA's response is specifically on Wholesale Aggregation. Consumers must have choice. How to present numerous small networks as one to retailers. Feasibility Study underway. Standardised product set. Alignment with GPL.

DCMS call - feedback

  • Their interest in Wholesale Aggregation. Briefing doc in preparation. Follow-up 25 June.

Specification & Roadmap

  • Supplier response update.

Governance & Funding

  • Founder Member Request gone out. Generally positive subject to terms.

OTA2 Option Y

  • Response has gone in. Query on UPRN for operators- Ofcom, OTA2, OS.


The slide stack is now available below for logged-in INCA Members.

Link to Zoom recording here. You will need the following password:


Private attached file: