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INCA and Altnet response to Ofcom RfI on the Openreach Equinox Offer

On July 16th 2021, INCA and the altnets listed on the front page of this document submitted a response to Ofcom’s Request for Information (RfI) in relation to the new proposed Openreach discount scheme known as Equinox (the RfI response).

Ofcom requested a follow up discussion and presented the following questions in advance of that discussion.

  • This submission confirms that altnets expect to and are able and willing to compete with Openreach for retail and wholesale customers.
  • However, Ofcom should not sanction the use by Openreach of its existing CP relationships (and the certainty that CPs will remain dependent on Openreach for certain services and in certain geographic locations) to increase existing barriers to market entry and expansion for operators building competing fibre networks.
  • Equinox contains a number of elements, which have been identified as areas of concern with potential anticompetitive effects.