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The INCA Tick: clarity for consumers


Want to be sure you're getting a quality broadband connection?

Look for the INCA Tick - the Gold Standard for Networks.

Confused about your network connection? Look for the INCA Gold Standard Tick. The INCA Gold Standard is an independent scheme run by the independent network industry to identify networks that meet the highest criteria. All Accredited networks are “Next Generation Access” according to UK and EU definitions, conform to Ofcom codes and offer the latest, future-proofed connectivity. There’s a classification for each type of network so look for the logo - when you see the Full Fibre INCA Tick, you can be sure you’ll get exactly what it says. 

There’s a family of logos featuring the INCA Tick depending on the usage. You can download a pdf of this page here.


Full Fibre Hybrid Fibre Wireless Wholesale
A fibre connection directly to you (FTTP). Part of the way by fibre, finally connected by something else. (FTTC, DOCSIS Cable) Fibre backbone, connected by Next Generation Fixed Wireless (NGA FWA) Next Generation, Open Access, interoperable wholesale network.

The INCA spider device, Gold Standard logo and Tick are copyright of the Independent Networks Cooperative Association