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INCA Marketplace: making connections

Reach the networks reaching millions of premises


INCA Members are the third force in UK digital infrastructure. They are investing heavily in building new networks to extend their reach rapidly, pass more homes than ever before and help build Gigabit Britain. Current build plans aim to reach over 15 million premises by 2025.

The purchasing power of the rapidly-expanding independent sector is underlined by investment at an incredible scale with £3.36bn of private funding committed.

The government too is investing heavily with £800m through the DIIF initiative, the continuation of BDUK/Local Authority funding plus £740m for full fibre/5G projects. That's nearly £2 billion of public funding over the next few years.

A significant tranche of this funding is aimed at extending network reach to underserved communities whether rural or city centres – and that is the sector where INCA Members are most active and leading the way.

INCA Members will be using their significant share of this funding to build new networks using the latest services and technologies available to reach millions of new homes. The INCA Marketplace is the ideal shop window for telecoms network vendors to access this growing multi-million-pound demand.

Why is INCA doing this?

First and foremost, INCA exists to support its members. The Marketplace will make members' lives easier as a showcase for anything they might need to build or upgrade networks. Not just the latest products and equipment, but also the help and advice to choose the right solutions and design the networks as efficiently, quickly and at the best price possible.

I'm a Vendor - what's in it for me?

Widen your market to all INCA Members quickly and easily - once you’ve entered details (or completed the simple template), all Members can browse your range. It's a great way for you to promote your offer to new customers.

What does it cost?

It’s a free service to INCA Members whether Vendors or Buyers.

I'm a Buyer - what's in it for me?

As an INCA Member, you’ll be able to check out the very latest products and services on offer from vendors keen to support the independent sector. Of course, you’ll already be using your years of experience and knowledge and the Marketplace is an extra source of the latest information to help support your buying research and decisions.

Plus, if they’re on the Marketplace, you’ll know the vendors will be aware of the importance and requirements of independent networks.

Design Services and advice also available means you'll never be short of ways to deploy the latest equipment in new build and retrofit for the best return on your network build dollar.

How do I join up?

Simply fill in this form so we can issue user names and, for Vendors, send you the organisation template.


To discuss any aspect of the INCA Marketplace, please contact Mike Locke  07767 248688.


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