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Rural Gigabit Connectivity procurement

INCA Rural Gigiabit Future events programme

Alongside our series of events looking at the Rural Gigabit Future there are clear business opportunities for INCA members:

If you’re able to offer fibre intrastructure point-to-point for the public sector within the LFFN programe, you should be aware of the latest opportunity published by the Crown Commercial Service in co-ordination with DCMS.

The DCMS Rural Gigabit Connectivity programme has £200m to invest in fibre infrastructure for the public sector via a new Dynamic Purchasing System. It covers fibre infrastructure of all kinds: managed network services, connectivity, lit or dark fibre, ducts and streetworks. The procurement is to start in Q3 2019 and is currently in market engagement so there is still time for you to get involved as a supplier if you're quick.

To take advantage of this and be able to bid services into this £200 million procurement, you should take prompt action.

  1. Register as a government supplier here:
  2. Complete the Request for Information for suppliers of gigabit connectivity.
  3. Download the Supplier Briefing pdf.
  4. And, whether you're a Supplier or a Local Authority, don't miss the opportunity of learning more at one of the Rural Gigabit Connectivity events listed below.

INCA is continuing to represent the views of the independent sector to CCS and DCMS so if you have any feedback, please let us know either via your regular INCA contact or use these details.

The official Prior Information Notice is here:

There is more information about procurement through the Crown Commercial Service here

This is targeted at “the most challenging final 10%” under the DCMS Rural Gigabit Connectivity programme – the subject of the forthcoming INCA event programme “Rural Gigabit Future” at a venue near you across the country from April to June:

These events are specifically in support of this programme and bring together DCMS, Local Authorities and Network Providers. Essential events for anyone involved whether supplying or procuring so book your place now. To find out how you can use these events to communicate your message to this market, Gill  is here to help.