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INCA Welcomes Ofcom Delay on Equinox 2 Decision

Ofcom today announced that it is delaying it's final decision on Equinox 2 in light of the responses it has received from several respondents, including INCA. INCA's CEO Malcolm Corbett, welcomed the news:

"We welcome Ofcom’s confirmation today that its role is to ensure a level playing field for all investors in UK full fibre. INCA and its members have worked hard to provide Ofcom with information and evidence on why its initial evaluation of BT wholesale discounts set out in the Equinox 2 pricing offer was insufficient. We will continue to work with Ofcom over the coming months to help them come to a proper conclusion. Fundamentally they must question why BT group are reducing their wholesale charges whilst increasing the prices that consumers pay for broadband."

INCA's full response to Ofcom's consultation on Equinox 2 is available here.