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New Rising Star Award Announced

The 2022 INCA Awards - photo of an 'INCA Gold' award with blue sky background

In recognition of the fact that many businesses in our sector have been rapidly growing their teams over the last year or two, and that many of those people will be arriving through apprenticeship schemes and other trainee programmes, INCA has announced a new Rising Star award for the 2022 Awards Programme.

Malcolm Corbett, INCA's CEO: "Recruiting and nurturing talent is an essential art in our sector. For any organisation, success begins with your people – how you develop them, how you support them, and how you enable them to reach their potential. This award – suggested by our Labour & Skills Special Interest Group – seeks to recognise the rising stars of our industry – the young people who are making a significant contribution despite their limited experience."

Our independent panel of judges is looking not only for energy, enthusiasm and imagination, but also a willingness to step up to new challenges and resilience when the going gets tough. Who in your organisation stands out as a future leader – always ready to support their colleagues and to learn from their mistakes. We want to know about them and how they are adding value to your organisation. Tell us why your chosen nominee is destined for great things, and why they should win this award this year.

NB: Nominees must be 30 years of age or less on November 16th 2022. We can not accept self-nominations for this award.

Full details of INCA's 2022 Awards Programme, and how any INCA member organisation can submit an entry, are available here.