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Ways to Support Ukraine

INCA is a co-operative organization and not involved with politics or geo-politics outside its remit on independent networks in the UK.

That said, the situation in Europe must be of concern to us all, not least the rapidly unfolding humanitarian crisis. INCA has members on the continent, some much closer to the conflict than the UK.

Co-operatives UK, of which INCA is a member, has issued a statement recommending donations to the DEC Ukraine appeal as an effective way to provide immediate emergency aid, and INCA endorses this approach for any of our members or supporters who may wish to donate.

Their statement says:

Co-operatives UK has been inundated with members wanting to help those affected by the terrible crisis in the Ukraine.

Co-operatives may of course, choose to support in whichever way they feel able to, but the International Working Group, which includes representatives from some of the UK's largest co-operatives, Co-op News and The Co-operative College, met to discuss a joined-up approach.

To provide immediate emergency aid we are recommending donations are sent to the DEC Ukraine appeal as a way of donating quickly to a reputable coalition of charities providing on the ground support. 

We have established contact with co-op unions in Ukraine and Illia Gorokhovskyi, Chairman of the Board of COOP Ukraine has replied to say, "The sense of justice and the support we feel from co-ops around the world gives us strength, and right now it is the greatest help we need."