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Telecoms Security Act Consultations

Following the arrival on the statute book in 2021 of the Telecoms Security Act, both DCMS and Ofcom have now launched consultations about the implementation of the legislation.

The DCMS consultation focusses on proposals for new regulations and a code of practice, and remains open to responses until May 10th. Ofcom's consultation focusses on proposed new guidance to enable telecoms providers to be compliant with the new legislation. The Ofcom consultation closes on May 17th, with a plan to issue final documentation in Autumn 2022.

Needless to say the implications of both consultations are significant for INCA Members and others in the telecoms industry, and we are keen to work with our members to develop effective responses to these consultations. At the same time we encourage providers who are INCA Members to look closely at the two consultations and submit their own responses, to help ensure that the final outcomes are well balanced and workable.

INCA ran a seminar in September 2021 to lookout the implications of the legislation, which at that time was still going through Parliament. We'll be running a follow up session in early April (date tbc) to consider the proposed regulations, code of practice and Ofcom guidance in more detail. Make sure you are on our mailing list to be sure of being notified once the details of the workshop are finalised.