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Ofcom Consultation: Broadband Info for Customers

Ofcom's page on this is here. The consultation closed 3 May 23. INCA has responded.

Please note this wasn't an open "what do you think" consultation, Ofcom asked for (evidenced) responses to 2 specific questions:

Question 1: Do you agree with our [Ofcom's] proposals to issue guidance under GC C2.3, GC C1.3 and GC C1.5 to clarify:

(1) that the description of broadband services should be consistent and include a one- or two-word description of the underlying technology; and

(2) that the use of the terms ‘fibre’ and ‘full-fibre’ in the information that is provided to customers should only be used to describe fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) services.

Question 2: Do you agree with our proposal for providers to give an explanation of the one- or two-word terms used to describe the service, in a way that can be easily accessed by customers?

After circulating the original draft, based on the Feb 22 INCA Position Statement but amended to focus on these 2 questions, we received several supportive comments from Members and a couple of comments to improve. These were included and a further draft was circulated. Finally, the Release Candidate was approved and submitted to Ofcom 3 May 23.

The additional comments were:

  • The longer descriptions should be standardised as well as the 1- and 2-word terms.
  • Ofcom and ASA should issue co-ordinated guidelines so that future issues don't fall down the gap between the two regulators.
  • It was noted that "gigabit-labelling" was not part of the current proposals but may be revisited once the impact of these proposals is known.

in brief, INCA's answers to both questions was "yes" and INCA is entirely supportive of the proposals.

​IMPORTANT - Evidence required

INCA has used the following documents as evidence to go with the response.