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Enterprise Zones & Business Parks

Update July 2017:

As far as we are aware, the Enterprise Zone sites on this list provided by DCMS have no broadband connectivity and no current plans to provide it, and therefore provide potential opportunities for INCA members. If you are aware of additions/amendments to this list please let us know.


In 2013 BDUK sent INCA a list of hundreds of postcodes of enterprise zones and business parks that are not being served by BT’s superfast broadband roll out. In partnership with the Federation of Communications Services (FCS), representing some 300 B2B comms providers, we have created a joint project addressing these enterprise ‘notspots’.

The FCS has contacted its members asking if they have customers in the various business park post codes. We want to alert INCA members to the opportunity to develop next generation broadband projects in those areas.

Mike Kiely has developed a template-based approach to organising business park demand based on the Perseverance Works project in Shoreditch, London. Perseverance Works is home to around 90 SMEs. The RFP for that project received a good response and an award is expected shortly. A second project is starting in Sussex.

Ideally INCA and FCS would like to help create a pipeline of similar projects enabling SMEs in the enterprise zones to get the high quality, affordable services they deserve and for INCA and FCS members to benefit commercially.

You can find a list of the postcodes we were sent by BDUK attached.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please register here and we will keep you posted with information and RFPs as they emerge.

For more information please contact Gill Williams.

As part of this project FCS and INCA are organizing a small workshop At Eversheds London offices on March 19. More details and registration.