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As well as news from INCA itself we are keen to include relevant news items from INCA members. Please send relevant items of news, ideally including a photo where relevant, to We'll publish news from members that we feel is of interest.

  • BT is charging customers up to 29% more per month for the same broadband product in areas without infrastructure competition. A new INCA report out today shows how much the incumbent drops its prices when there are competing networks in an area.

    Government policy to encourage broadband infrastructure competition has transformed the UK from full fibre laggard into having the fastest full fibre network growth in the world. It is also delivering clear benefits to consumers in the form of lower prices, better service and greater reliability.


  • We are looking for a new person to take the lead on our policy and regulatory activities. The successful candidate will work with our Policy & Regulatory Special Interest Group (P&RSIG) comprising senior policy/regulatory officers from our membership, plus specialist regulatory consultancy GOS Consulting and our public affairs agency to drive our policy and regulatory agenda. In close consultation with the Chair of the P&R SIG and INCA’s CEO you will set the priorities for our work, develop and manage projects in the policy and regulatory arena and keep our members abreast of key issues they need to pay attention to.

    INCA runs with a small distributed team of people all of whom work remotely. We keep in touch using Zoom, Slack, email and other online tools.

  • 25% coverage in rural areas by Altnets should convince Ofcom to include ‘Area 3’ in its analysis of Equinox 2 pricing enquiry

    The benefits of competition in the UK’s broadband sector have been starkly illustrated by the latest annual review from INCA, which has been published today (17 May 2023). 


  • Ofcom today announced that it is delaying it's final decision on Equinox 2 in light of the responses it has received from several respondents, including INCA. INCA's CEO Malcolm Corbett, welcomed the news:

    "We welcome Ofcom’s confirmation today that its role is to ensure a level playing field for all investors in UK full fibre. INCA and its members have worked hard to provide Ofcom with information and evidence on why its initial evaluation of BT wholesale discounts set out in the Equinox 2 pricing offer was insufficient. We will continue to work with Ofcom over the coming months to help them come to a proper conclusion. Fundamentally they must question why BT group are reducing their wholesale charges whilst increasing the prices that consumers pay for broadband."

  • The Chancellor's Spring budget is often used to provide eye-catching handouts for headline grabbing infrastructure projects. While today’s statement was light on new infrastructure spending, there are several existing areas of the economy looking for more of the taxpayer’s cash – the independent broadband sector isn’t one of them.

  • More than £25bn worth of investment to improve the UK’s digital infrastructure will be directly threatened if BT Openreach is allowed to introduce new wholesale price discounts, Ofcom has been told.

    The independent network sector says the regulator must rethink its preliminary decision to allow the incumbent’s Equinox 2 plan – or risk undermining the Government’s strategy for a healthy competitive market that drives nationwide full fibre coverage.

    It looks like BT Openreach is attempting to actively re-establish the monopoly it enjoyed in the copper market, over the UK’s full fibre future. INCA CEO Malcolm Corbett says that the plans will deliberately make it harder for new entrants to compete in the full fibre market.

  • INCA wishes to appoint a Project & Communications Executive. 

    As a remote worker, you will support our Special Interest Groups by collaborating with their chairs and colleagues to provide excellent service to our members. This position offers a diverse set of responsibilities, including member liaison, events planning and management, project coordination, writing, and communications distribution.

  • A coordinated response to Equinox 2

    INCA is frustrated by the preliminary view Ofcom has outlined in its consultation on BT Openreach’s Equinox 2 proposals. INCA is clear in its analysis of Equinox 2 that the scheme deliberately threatens competitiveness and makes it harder for new entrants to compete in the full fibre market.

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  • At a sell-out Awards Dinner on the evening of November 16th in the grand surroundings of Liverpool's St. George's Hall – recognised by many as one of the world's finest neo-classical buildings – the winners of our 2022 Awards Programme were announced.

    The winners are:


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