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Switching & Wholesale Introduction

A major change to the broadband industry affecting all network operators and service providers is coming fast and INCA Members need to take action to be ready in time. INCA has been working with Ofcom, OTA and other industry organisations on behalf of the independent sector. Now is your chance to get involved and get your views represented.

Based on the new EU Electronic Communications Code – EECC – Ofcom is mandating a new method for consumers to be able to switch their broadband connection.

SWSIG Meeting 26 Feb 20

The era of GPL Switching and Wholesale is fast approaching. The work to complete Ofcom’s consultation on GPL Switching will be completed before the end of this month and implemented by the end of the year. Consumer messaging on All-IP Migration launches in a few weeks and two pilots are already in operation. INCA is heavily involved in cross-industry groups in OTA2 and BSG. INCA’s own Switching, Wholesale and IP Migration Special Interest Group – SWSIG – has a work program on standardisation and technical aspects and the next meeting is on Wed 26 February 2pm – 4.30pm.

SWSIG Meeting 14 Jan 20

A group of INCA members met at the offices of Community Fibre on 14 Jan 20. This followed on from the Working Group at the AGM. to discuss the latest position on the Gaining Provider Led Switching process, co-ordinated by the OTA, plus moves towards supporting wholesale aggregation amongst Wave 2 altnets. Both are knotty issues. Ofcom sent out a written 'rap on the knuckles' to members of the GPL Switching industry group for not reaching agreement on just one process.

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