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Recent INCA policy work.

  • INCA is not surprised but is still disappointed with Ofcom’s decision today (Sept 30 2021). Our members are committed to meeting and surpassing the government’s targets for gigabit capable networks - so much so that £14bn of new investment has been brought into the sector to support this aim. Ofcom’s decision today puts that at risk and operators will now be seriously considering what steps to take next.

  • Over 2.5m homes and businesses in the UK can now connect to an independent fibre broadband network, according to new figures published today (7 June 2021). This represents over 110 per cent year-on-year growth and confirms the major contribution the ‘altnets’ are making to the Government's target for delivering national coverage of gigabit capable broadband. 

  • On 3rd Feb 21, Ofcom published their statement on GPL Switching. It is here. They are now consulting on it until 31 Mar 21 and the consultation response form is on that page. INCA encourages all members to make their individual views known. INCA is also preparing a response and encourages members to get involved with SWSIG to provide their input. INCA issued a statement on 3 Feb broadly welcoming the proposals.

  • Easier switching between broadband providers took a big step forward today as the regulator Ofcom published their statement in favour of “One Touch Switching” and the countdown to December 2022 for providers to become compliant with the new legislation.

  • Today’s (Friday Jan 8 2021) report by the Public Accounts Committee highlights the challenges involved in meeting the Government’s gigabit broadband ambitions. Replacing the copper phone network with the full fibre and high speed wireless infrastructure of the future is a big project requiring co-ordination between government, industry, local authorities and other stakeholders.

  • An INCA/Point Topic report shows over £1.76 billion worth of private funding related to the independent sector was announced between the start of 2019 and September 2020. These figures are on top of an estimated £5.7 billion of private investment-related announcements already made in the sector, bringing the total to over £7.6 billion. INCA CEO Malcolm Corbett welcomed the figures but warned against letting the momentum slow.

  • BDUK has run a number of workshops on the planning for their Outside In deployment.

    Outside In's Technical Specifications require an open access wholesale system and, if you are building infrastructure under this scheme, you will need to build enough not just for yourself but also enough to accommodate 3 competitive suppliers.

  • The Parliamentary Culture, Media & Sport Committee sought INCA's input to their inquiry. This was submitted 19 June 20. Here is the summary. The full response can be downloaded below.

    The Committee's questions were:

  • The Government has launched a Call For Evidence (CFE) in relation to the Access To Infrastructure (ATI) Regulation.


    Did you realise you already had the right to access passive physical infrastucture operated by others: telecoms, energy, water, roads - anything? If there's a trench, duct building or mast you could use, you have the right to ask for access on fair and reasonable terms and get a response within 2 months. And you have the same obligation to respond to requests to use your passive infrastructure. There are some caveats - national security, for example and also if your network offers a suitable active wholesale product.

  • The SWSIG Zoom Call to discuss progress on the Wholesale Platform Feasibility Study and the responses made by the OTA2 Option X & Y groups to Ofcom's 8 Jun 20 asks was at 2pm on Thurs 11 Jun 20. Here is the slide stack, a record of what was discussed and links to the recording.



    Ofcom call - feedback