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Broadband names for Consumers

The consumer confusion that FTTC / fibre-to-the-cabinet is as good as FTTP / fibre-to-the-premise has been rooted in inaccurate and misleading marketing of both FTTC and FTTP as "fibre". This has been allowed by both regulators despite Ofcom's very clear definitions of terms in their General Conditions and Connected Nations.

This is clearly an issue for altnets deploying superior FTTP and much effort has been put into the courts, regulators and policy-makers both individually and through INCA.

It's one reason why INCA Members created the INCA Gold Standard scheme (info here). If your network is FTTP / Full Fibre / True Fibre, you can get accredited as a Full Fibre provider.

This has led to Ofcom issuing a consultation on "Improving broadband information for customers" which has a deadline of 3 May 23. INCA's page on this with links to Ofcom's consultation and documentation is here.

Links to INCA's work on this are below:

  • Ofcom's consultation "Improving broadband information for customers" with documentation¬†is here.
  • Ofcom's Working Group on the subject 2021/22. INCA's page is here.
  • The DCMS commissioned industry report on Gigabit Take up: GigaTAG. INCA's page and link to the final report is here.