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As well as news from INCA itself we are keen to include relevant news items from INCA members. Please send relevant items of news, ideally including a photo where relevant, to We'll publish news from members that we feel is of interest.

  • INCA is working with the FTTH Council Europe to promote the FTTH Conference 2022 which is in Vienna from 23-25 May 2022. We'll be there in person, represented by Gill Williams, so if you are planning to be there, be sure to connect with Gill.

    The FTTH Conference 2022 is the world’s largest fibre summit.

    Targeting 3,500+ participants from 1,000+ companies and over 100 countries, the FTTH Conference is unique in bringing together 'C' level representatives, investors, technical and regulatory experts to discuss and debate all aspects of FTTH, 5G and other fibre related and enabled technologies and services and the benefit they bring to society. 

  • Following the arrival on the statute book in 2021 of the Telecoms Security Act, both DCMS and Ofcom have now launched consultations about the implementation of the legislation.

  • INCA is a co-operative organization and not involved with politics or geo-politics outside its remit on independent networks in the UK.

    That said, the situation in Europe must be of concern to us all, not least the rapidly unfolding humanitarian crisis. INCA has members on the continent, some much closer to the conflict than the UK.

  • By way of introducing the new chair of our Labour & Skills Special Interest Group, Emma Atkins, we chose to make a short video interview.

    Emma is the Founder of the Fibre People specialist recruitment agency and has extensive experience of the recruitment and training issues in our sector. She is also the brains behind the Women in Fibre Initiative – of which INCA is an early supporter – which seeks to promote greater diversity in the industry.

  • All AltNets are being encouraged to participate in this year's INCA/Point Topic survey assessing the development of the UK’s independent networks, ahead of what may prove to be a pivotal year for the future of the country’s digital landscape.

  • INCA has submitted a response on behalf of its members in relation to a recent Openreach consultation about planned exchange closures.

    Openreach plans to close approximately 4500 of its 5000 exchanges by 2030, and this programme could have a substantial impact on AltNets if the closure programme is not handled carefully. Our response to the consultation sets out a series of recommendations to mitigate this potential impact, not least that a much broader and open consultation process be commenced asa matter of urgency, and that Ofcom should establish and oversee the framework for this consultation.

    You can download the full response here.

  • INCA welcomes Public Accounts Committee report, but argues for greater recognition of the work of independent providers around the country

    While the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee has raised valid concerns about the Governments’ plans to ensure the very hardest to reach areas are not being left behind by the larger market players, INCA has pointed out that its members continue to build new digital infrastructure in areas left behind by BT Openreach and Virgin Media.

  • At November's Annual General Meeting two new people were elected to INCA's board.

    Rosalind SingletonRos Singleton (pictured speaking at the 2021 INCA Conference) brings a wealth of experience to the role, as a CEO, a board chair, a non-executive director, advisor and investor with over 30 years of experience in the technology sector. She is the CEO of Spring Fibre, an FTTH start up and INCA Member organisation, and the Chair of the UK5G Advisory Board providing advice to and working closely with DCMS.

  • At our sell-out Awards Dinner held on the evening of November 3 2021 as part of our annual conference, the following six award winners were announced.

    The Scaling Up Award

    If 2021 was about anything in there AltNet sector, it was about scaling up to be able to deploy faster and grow market share. This award was designed to recognise the standout AltNet in terms of how they dealt with the challenges and opportunities that come with rapid scaling. The winner is Community Fibre, the London-based AltNet doing so much to deliver gigabit connectivity across the capital.

  • After much deliberation, our eminent independent panel of judges has agreed a shortlist.

    Having spent many hours painstakingly assessing the thirty or so submissions that we received this year, they have produced a list of finalists.

    This elite group of shortlisted candidates must now wait until the INCA Awards Dinner - held on the evening of November 3rd as part of our 2021 Conference – to learn which of them will be selected to take home one of the prestigious 'INCA Golds' awards. The shortlisted candidates are, in alphabetical order:


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