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Connection Labelling

There have been some interesting initiatives and evidence in the area of labelling connections. The Gold Standard will support these. More info will be added to this section.


This is the Gigabit Take-up Advisory Group: a cross-industry group tasked by DCMS to look at ways of increasing Gigabit connection take-up. They have issued an interim report and are currently drafting a report on traffic light labelling for connections. INCA is collaborating with this work. The final report is below. It references a number of initiatives.


One area given in the GigaTAG reportĀ  is for Ofcom to explore with industry the development and adoption of "common standards for consumer information on broadband products". Ofcom has setup a Working Group and more information about that is on this page. INCA's Standards Group meets the week before each Ofcom WG meeting to gather the views from INCA Members.


WIK is an experienced research company who have recently been commissioned by CityFibre to look at the effects of misleading advertising and how this impact take up of full-fibre FTTP connections. Their report and slide deck is below.